Visual Studio Code recently introduced tabs in the 1.3 update. I was very excited to try it because this was the reason I was still using Sublime Text. However, I was disappointed to find that the default setting is to iterate the tabs in the most recently used order when you hit Ctrl+Tab and that a popup list was displayed to choose the tab to display.

Fortunately, you can configure the editor to iterate the tabs in their display order. As a bonus, it also removes the annoying popup.

  1. Open the keyboard shortcuts configuration (File > Preferences > Keyboard Shortcuts).
  2. In the keybindings.json file on the right side, add the following bindings:

     // Place your key bindings in this file to overwrite the defaults
         "key": "ctrl+tab",
         "command": "workbench.action.nextEditor"
         "key": "ctrl+shift+tab",
         "command": "workbench.action.previousEditor"
  3. Save the file and enjoy!