Sitecore User Group Conference (SUGCON) Europe starts in less than a week. The speaker lineup and the presentations are incredible. This is a very good opportunity to meet other community leaders and experienced Sitecore developers.

I’m very excited because it will be the first time I go to this edition. I have been to the North America one in 2015. I will also receive my Sitecore MVP award during the event.

To prepare for the event, I have pre-selected the presentations I will assist.

May 18th


Sitecore Helix Practically - by Morten Lyhr

Sitecore Helix is a very effective way of building Sitecore solutions. I’ve already been introduced to it through the Sitecore Habitat demo project. I want to learn more about it. This presentation will cover advanced aspects of Helix with a focus on client-side, JavaScript and componentization. With my front-end developer background, I think I will like it.


Using Specflow to drive your test automation - by Nathanael Mann

Integration and acceptance tests for web projects are hard. This is something I need to become better at. I hope this presentation will give me the right tools to do it.


I hesitate between 2 presentation for this time slot. Both seem interesting. I will decide at the last minute.

Sitecore Helix Fast track - by Anders Laub

This talk will be about the Sitecore Helix basics and the available Yeoman generators. I’ve used the generators once to add some modules to the Sitecore Habitat project. I think I can learn a few things and ask a few questions during this presentation.

Conjunction – Towards a better way of working with search in Sitecore - by Søren Engel

As a search specialist, I like to see new innovative solutions. Conjunction is a very promising way of defining the search queries outside of the project code. I haven’t had time to see it in action yet. This presentation would be my chance to see it and ask advanced questions to its author.

May 19th


Use Roslyn to validate your Sitecore code and data - by Robin Hermanussen

Programmer tools like Resharper are invaluable. Robin’s idea to create new tools for Sitecore with Roslyn is great. This presentation will give me ideas for new tools.


Tooling for helix - with docker focus - by Thomas Stern and Emil Klein

The Docker part of this presentation is what got my attention. I know it can be challenging to run ASP.Net in a Docker container. I want to see what those guys have done regarding that.


Here also I hesitate between those 2 presentations.

DevOps with Sitecore in the cloud - by Nick Hills

One of my current task is to build a demo site and deploy it. I don’t have much experience in deployment and continuous integration. I hope to learn a lot in this presentation.

Sitecore and ReactJS - by Richard Seal

I have worked with Richard at the last Sitecore Hackathon and he seemed very knowledgeable in using front-end frameworks like Angular with Sitecore. His presentation about React is well timed as I will probably have to use it soon.


Sitecore MVC - A developers journey - by Christian James Hansen

I worked most of my career with ASP.Net Web Forms and I’m just beginning my ASP.Net MVC journey. This presentation will teach me a lot on the differences of Sitecore MVC.

Meeting me

I’m going to SUGCON EU to learn new things but also to network with a maximum of people. Don’t hesitate to say hello if you see a small Canadian guy wandering around. I’ll be happy to exchange ideas with you.

See you next week!