Today is a cheerful day for the Sitecore community. The awaited 2018 MVP awards are unveiled. 329 individuals from all around the world are celebrating with their peers after being awarded the title. I am thankful to be part of this group!

Sitecore Technology MVP 2018 Logo

Today, I was named Sitecore Technology MVP 2018. Exactly 1 year after I was awarded the 2017 title.

This is the reward obtained from continuous effort with and for the Sitecore community: Writing blog posts, helping others on Sitecore Slack and Sitecore Stack Exchange, organizing the Sitecore User Group Quebec, and contributing to open source modules.

The nice part is that it is not that much effort. It is passion. It makes me happy to share my knowledge. I learn a lot from this involvement. It is fun because the Sitecore community is welcoming, inclusive, vibrant, and shares everything.

A big thanks to the Sitecore community and all my friends who recommended me for the Sitecore MVP 2018 nomination.

See you in Orlando!