Today, June 17th 2019, I am starting a new chapter in my career. I am joining Sitecore as a senior software developer on the demo team. I am working remotely from my home in Quebec City.

The first chapter was more than 11 years long at Coveo. I started there in 2008 as soon as I finished my Bachelor degree. I spent the first years working with ASP.Net Web Forms and JavaScript (ScriptSharp). In 2014, I was introduced to Sitecore, learned it on the job, and helped develop Coveo for Sitecore for one year. My natural interest in helping others on our Q&A website led me to a technical evangelist role where I was also responsible for creating and delivering technical training and certification exams to our clients and partners, speaking at conferences, and helping the Coveo community.

This community was mainly in the Sitecore Chat Slack community. The people, sharing, and helping I discovered there was without a doubt what hooked me to Sitecore. In 2017, I was awarded my first of three continuous Sitecore MVP titles for my involvement for the community. The same year, Sitecore announced the first technical preview of the JavaScript Services (JSS). As I love front-end and I had not yet jumped in the JavaScript frameworks world, JSS motivated me to learn React basics. The next year, I won the Sitecore Hackathon in the JSS category.

At Coveo, a switch to e-learning recently allowed me to become a demo engineer and integrate Coveo for Sitecore into the Habitat, Retail, and HabitatHome commerce Sitecore demos. I gained knowledge of Sitecore Experience Accelerator (SXA), Sitecore Commerce 8.2.1 and Sitecore Experience Commerce 9. I am very grateful for the last 11 years at Coveo.

This hands on experience will help me in my new challenges at Sitecore. I am joining the team responsible for creating easily customizable demos for the sales engineers, demos for conference presentations, and public demos of new Sitecore features and products. I am sure I will thrive by learning more JavaScript, dotnet core, SXA, Azure, Azure DevOps, and many other things.

I also want to continue to blog and present at events and conferences. I hope to continue the friendships I have made through the years with the Sitecore community for many years to come.

I am grateful that the fit was great for Sitecore, the demo team, and myself. I am really excited to start this new career chapter. The team is likely to grow in the next months. Stay tuned for opportunities to work with me.

See you at a conference soon!