Today, October 2nd 2023, I am thrilled to join Fishtank Consulting as their Director of Technology. I am very excited for this new career chapter and growth opportunity.

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I spent the last 4 years working at Sitecore with hundreds of talented, passionate, and collaborative people. I started as a senior software developer in the Demo Solutions team when we were only 3 people. Over the years, the team grew to 9 people. Almost 2 years ago, I was promoted to also be the manager of 3 front-end developers. I learned so much in these roles. I got first hand experience on all the recent Sitecore products. Especially XM Cloud, CDP, Personalize, Content Hub ONE, Search, Discover, and OrderCloud, and also Send, Connect, Content Hub DAM, and Content Hub Operations. I also learned a ton about React, Next.js, TypeScript, Tailwind CSS, Storybook, Docker, Kubernetes, PowerShell, and much more. I will be forever grateful for this experience. Thank you very much to my immediate team over time for the amazing work we did together: J-F Larente, Scott Mulligan, Alexander Doroshenko, Neli Kostadinova, Christos Papoutsakis, Todor Stoyanov, Elena Mosoff, and past Sitecorians Topaz Ahmed, and Antonis Nikolaidis. Thank you also to all these people who I got the chance to work closely with: Pieter Brinkman, Graeme Chard, Jason St-Cyr, Tamas Varga, Rob Earlam, Christopher Castle, Mark Fronczak, Crhistian Ramirez-Hernandez, Robert Watt, Justin Vogt, Andy Cohen, Gary Wu, Pablo Barrenechea, Inaki Abete, Adam Brauer, Cormac Hampson, Sarah O’Reilly, Hande Bodart, and everyone else I interacted with along those years.

It is with pride and honor that I am bringing more than 9 years of Sitecore knowledge, and 11 years of Coveo knowledge to Fishtank Consulting. As the Director of Technology, I will be working closely with the technical team as well as with Dan Cruickshank, president, and Derek Bairstow, vice president. I will ensure the team maintains technical excellence. I will help every individual to grow their skills and talent. I will also participate in projects. All these responsibilities will get me to grow my own skills and get out of my comfort zone, which is one of the main reasons for this move. Other reasons include:

  • To work with my friend, and moustache brother, Dan Cruickshank;

    Dan and Jeff at Sitecore Symposium 2022

  • To work again at a small company where everyone knows each other (like when I started at Coveo);
  • To participate in building Sitecore and Coveo solutions for real clients that will have an impact on their clients and visitors.

From now on, I will share my Sitecore learnings on the Fishtank blog. Follow me there!