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16 Tools For Your Sitecore Tool Belt

Do you want to work faster, get better experiences, execute complex tasks, debug efficiently, and more with Sitecore? Here is a selection of the best Sitecore specific tools. A few well known tools with lesser known features and many recently published tools. It benefits everyone who works with Sitecore. From beginners to experts. From content authors to developers. I bet you will leave with knowledge of at least one new tool!

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Jean-François L'Heureux Named Sitecore MVP 2019

For a third year in a row, I have been awarded the Sitecore MVP Technology title today. With this award, I join a group of 315 individuals that are going above and beyond for the Sitecore community.

Sitecore Technology MVP 2019 Logo

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2018 Year Review

To continue with the habit I started a few years ago, here is my year 2018 in review.

This year, I am really proud of having achieved all my goals, and even more.

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How to Install Pipeline.Debug in a Sitecore Instance

There is a new tool in town and its name is Pipeline.Debug (Visit the link for gifs of its features). It is an incredible time saver when troubleshooting the input or output of processors inside Sitecore pipelines. It allows to insert debug processors anywhere in a pipeline and log any information from the context or processor arguments. In this blog post, I will cover the steps to install it in a Sitecore instance.

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